PCA SKIN Pumpkin Therapeutic Mask

Pamper yourself with this nutritive treatment mask, which addresses thick, resilient skin with acne, sun damage or hyperkeratolytic buildup. Retexturize: Therapeutic Pumpkin Mask combines exfoliating pumpkin enzymes and salicylic acid along with a host of antibacterial and antioxidant ingredients to address rough-textured skin caused by keratinization, leaving a healthy complexion following treatment.

Key ingredients: Pumpkin Fruit Enzymes – are the proteases from pumpkin that act as exfoliating agents. Salicylic Acid – is a calming lipophilic beta hydroxy acid (BHA) that helps promote a clear complexion. Glutathione – is an endogenous antioxidant that is produced naturally by the body. Gluconic Acid – is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that is calming, moisturizing and promotes a clear complexion.



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Treat yourself to luscious lips with  JUVÉDERM® Ultra XC. Some people simply have naturally thin lips and just want to achieve a fuller appearance while other people have noticed their lips thinning over time.  JUVÉDERM® Ultra Plus XC helps smooth out lines in your face and restore the youthful volume that can diminish over time, especially the laugh lines (nasolabial folds) and marionette lines, which extend downward from the corners of the mouth. These FDA-approved, hyaluronic acid fillers may last up to 1 year.  


Vbeam Perfecta Laser

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This Pulsed Dye Laser, long considered the gold standard for treatment of facial redness, delivers an intense but gentle burst of light into selectively targeted areas of the skin. The light is absorbed by specific blood vessels or melanin pigmented areas in the dermis depending on the condition being treated. A cooling spray accompanies the laser pulse to reduce discomfort from this process.  The Vbeam Perfecta laser has a well-earned reputation for being safe and effective.